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Cafe Akatsuki RP has had a Makeover!

Welcome to Cafe Akatsuki- one pink frilled store you never want to pass by. Won't you come in and have a seat? They promise not to bite, though they can't promise not to touch.

Food critics nationwide have been raving about this cute little cafe since its grand opening in 2008. Since its first day, Akatsuki has taken off. The store is always packed with customers- men in suits, schoolgirls, teachers, familes- no matter what time of day you stop by. The business is booming, the atmosphere is wonderful and the food delicious, but none of those are what makes Cafe Akatsuki a real treat.

The staff are something else.

Enter twelve of the most handsome men in Japan. Add in clashing personalities, ridiculous situations, sarcasm, romance and wit and you have a recipe for the juiciest cafe the world has ever seen.

"Deidara, if you blow up the cash register, I'll pull out each of your hairs one by one."

"CRY ME A FUCKING RIVER, ASSHOLE. Give me the suitcase of money and I'll see what kind of sordid death I can line up for you."

"Trust me, I am not going gay for anyone any time soon. Or ever. I just want to know why you're trying to seduce me. It's a point of concern."

"Just because you're a priest, Father Hidan, doesn't mean you should prey on the young. That's Orochimaru's job, yeah."

"I don't care. He's having sex with my whipped cream. I'm going to throttle him."

"….You disgust me more with each passing day."

"Why is everyone quitting all of a sudden, hm? Is the health inspector coming?"
They say the food's great at Cafe Akatsuki. But be warned... they're serving up a plate full of insanity. Five waiters with clashing personalities work the cafe floor, but even the simplest of tasks turn into unadulterated madness. With two quirky cooks, a crazy sous chef and only two managers, mayhem is guaranteed. Hungry yet? Please, take a seat and get ready for a meal you will never forget.

We hear that the employees at Cafe Akatsuki have been receiving more than one odd job in the past couple of weeks. At first, it was innocent enough: go pick up some sugar, deliver a package for Pein, assassinate Taro Hizushima- wait. Isn't that mafia work? 


Cafe Akatsuki is a real life, crack, humour, angst, drama and everything-in-between Akatsuki-only role play community. It's set in modern day Japan in a small Cafe downtown. The characters use PBs and both a personal journal and a community journal to post. Anything goes, but be ready: it's one hell of a game. 

We hope to hear from you soon.

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