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Naruto Merchandise for Sale! Free gift w/ $10 Purchase!

Hello, looks like I have a bunch of stuff up for sale! Sorry if this shouldn't have been posted here, but please take a look for I am a broke student. Paypal only, and I have only stated the shipping for the USA. Thanks!

Sasuke plush- $10 About a foot tall (so he's pretty big) and in mint condition! He's very soft and has, like, never even been hugged! Shipping is $5. (If you buy w/ Gaara Plush, shipping will be reduced)

Gaara Plush- $10. Also about a foot tall, just like Sasuke. In mint condition and needs a new home. Shipping is $5 (If you buy w/ Sasuke Plush, shipping will be reduced)

Naruto Artbook- $10 One of the best artbooks I have ever come across. Bought it for $20 and hardly opened it, free poster inside. Shipping $3

ALL my Naruto Trading Cards, over 280!- $40 Over 280 cards not including doubles! You get pamphlets, board game sheets, a binder, trading card sleeves, post cards you can send in to get more free cards, and a few booklets. I have no use for these cards, and it's shame I haven't even touched them. They have been stored in their sleeves, so they are in perfect, MINT condition! I am open to OFFERS! These cards are being offered for an incredibly low price compared to what I have paid over the last two years. Shipping $8

Tobi/Obito Necklace- $8 In mint condition. It has a long chain, but can be shortened easily. Ask if you want a gift box. This was a good item, it's sad to see it go. Shipping $2

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